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Hibern8's inception is rooted in Gavinlee Ellison’s struggle to get a good night's sleep, a problem exacerbated by his intense training regimen and the occasional energy drink.

He would often resort to late-night runs in an attempt to burn off excess energy, but this strategy left him even more exhausted the following day. Recognising the critical role sleep played in his performance, Gavinlee decided to seek the expertise of a performance specialist, Ed Tooley.

As Gavinlee poured out his sleep-related concerns to Ed, a revelation occurred. Ed shared stories he had heard from the world of athletics, revealing that Gavinlee was far from alone in his struggle to achieve restful slumber. Many others faced the same predicament, and this shared dilemma ignited a spark of inspiration in both Ed and Gavinlee. They decided to join forces and develop a product that could help people attain better sleep.

Ed brought prior experience in product development to the table and reached out to Chi Chow and James Lavery, who were known for their expertise in creating health food products.

The four of them united, embarked on a journey of research and innovation. They immersed themselves in discussions about the right ingredients, scoured scientific peer reviews, drew from personal sports experiences, and even considered taste and other crucial elements to formulate the perfect sleep aid.

Months of rigorous testing and experimentation followed, but their dedication paid off when they finally landed on a product formulation that was effective. This culmination of their hard work and determination became Hibern8, a solution for those in need of quality sleep.
In sharing this story, they hope that the passion and effort poured into Hibern8 will positively manifest in your sleep. 


To champion the sleep market with Hibern8 health foods. By becoming an internationally trusted brand we  tirelessly strive to discover leading innovations, technology and future sleep science to empower individuals to have ‘More than just sleep’

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