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Can I take this whilst pregnant or lactating?

Dietitian's have confirmed that Hibern8 is safe to be consumed whilst pregnant or nursing

Will I still be able to wake if needed?

Hibern8 will support relaxation and supporting your bodies natural processes to help fall to sleep. Once asleep, Hibern8’s active ingredients will support a restful deep sleep as well as improving the REM phase of the sleep cycle. Despite this, if required to wake, for example to the sound of an alarm, Hibern8 will not hold you in a sleep state of leave you in a ‘groggy’ state like pharmaceuticals linked to sleep can do.

Will I become dependant on this supplement?

No, Hibern8's ingredients are all plant origin and are not addictive like other sleep products in the market.

Can my child take this?

It is always recommended to check with healthcare professionals before supplementing with adolescents, especially those on medication. Following healthcare guidelines, we suggest that adolescents who fall in the 9-13 age bracket use no more than half a sachet prior to bed. Those who are 14 years and over can supplement using a full sachet.

How long can I take it for?

Hibern8 can be safely taken continuously as a night time supplement. During this time we would suggest that where possible, you also look to address any areas around routine, environment or nutrition that may further support your sleep. This is because as with all supplements it is best to try and sleep some nights without supplementation and we still want you having the best nights sleep you can achieve.

Will I be drowsy the next morning?

The active ingredients in Hibern8 reduce time it takes to get to sleep and improve quality of sleep cycles, but will not leave you in a drowsy state like pharmaceuticals linked to sleep can do.

Can I exercise whilst taking this product?

Hibern8 is designed to support the natural pathways to fall to asleep and recommended to consume 15-45mins prior to bed whilst you are start to unwind. Exercising whilst on the supplement would not be an issue, however would interrupt the pathways to support falling to sleep.

Will it interact with any other medication I am on now?

It is always recommended that you consult your pharmacist or GP to discuss any potential interactions between your medication and Hibern8’s active ingredients.

It is not recommended to take Hibern8 if you are on any anti-depressant medication.

Does it contain any allergens?

Hibern8 does not include any common allergens. Some individuals maybe sensitive to magnesium and find they suffer from some stomach discomfort. If any individual finds that this is the case, then we would recommend you have a small low GI carbohydrate snack prior to consuming Hibern8.

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Will it affect my weight?

Hibern8 from the powder sachets or cans are low calorie beverage with only ‘x’ kcals per serving from ‘y’ g of carbohydrate. This carbohydrate consumption can support the uptake of Hibern8’s active ingredients, as well as supporting the delivery of tryptophan to the brain where it can then produce serotonin which can then be converted to our sleep hormone melatonin. The Hibern8 60ml shot does yield a little more carbohydrate due to is use of natural juice, with the additional carbohydrate it results in a total of ‘z’ kcals.

Can I take this on an empty stomach?

You can take Hibern8 on an empty stomach, however some individuals maybe sensitive to magnesium and find they suffer from some stomach discomfort. If any individual finds that this is the case, then we would recommend you have a small low GI carbohydrate snack prior to consuming Hibern8

What is the difference between batch testing and IS registration?

Informed Sport registration and LGC batch testing do differ marginally, however it is important to note that both are tested against substances prohibited by WADA to the same standard in the LGC laboratory in Cambridge. Where they differ is that to register a product with Informed Sport you will have had a premises audit to review the manufacturing process, submit a testing schedule, and be subject to ‘blind’ testing. Once the above are in place and the product fully registered it can then display the Informed Sport accredited logo for visual recognition. We at Hibern8 will be LGC batch testing all products and are working towards Informed Sport registration.

Is the product safe for athletes and service personnel?

Hibern8 products are all batch tested against World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited list in the ISO 17025 accredited LGC laboratory in Cambridge.

How do I receive my banned substance batch tested certificate?

Athletes and service personnel requiring proof of LGC batch testing against prohibited substances can email us at to request a PDF copy of the test results certificate.

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